How To Get Web Traffic

So, you’re not sure on how to get web traffic? We will keep it simple and provide you, with three easy solutions that can assist in acquiring web traffic!


One of the key ways on how to get web traffic is by using Search Engine Optimisation. Also known as, SEO (mainly Google), is one of many favourite marketing channels that clients pursue and we recommend. The benefits of SEO are large, however it requires constant work and attention to oversee a project. Making sure that the prompts are relevant so the traffic you attain can flow towards the right pages, to gain sales or leads. If this doesn’t occur you’re simply wasting money.

Google Adwords

Adwords can be challenging to commence at first. You will require patience and consider undertaking A/B testing. A/B testing requires testing the same ad with minor differences to discover what content is working. The benefits with Google Adwords, is that traffic can be attained quicker. The other thing to note about Google Adwords, is that its not directly within the ‘organic field’. It’s generally off to the right, and is where people find those ad’s alongside their search while they couldn’t find what they were looking for via organic search means.

Social Media

Lastly, another way on how to get web traffic is by utilising social media. With social media, its all about your networks to commence a business page at first. The reason for this, is that you will mostly ask your friends to like the page where those impressions may actively expand to other networks. Another important factor with social media is engagement. Make sure when you advertise, you’re reaching to the right target audience, otherwise you will be wasting your time and money.


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