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Social Media, we’re sure you’ve heard this buzz word, but how can it help you with your business?

At Your Marketing, we love list so we’ve provided 5 tips on how you can utilise social media.

Understand the platform and what is social media.

Social media is a broadcasting device, that allows anyone or a business to spread a message through to your network. So, just like a real conversation you need to understand, that promoting your business and talking about yourself can be really annoying.

So, What can you do?

Be funny, be interesting and create content that is shareable. Also, be grateful and make sure you thank your customers. It’s something that is very easy to do and is shows respect to your customers.


If you don’t know already, we are a design agency and yes we might be biased in this regard, but if you keeping looking on the internet, you will find these common themes.

A good profile picture (which would be your logo) and a well designed cover photo is needed. Your facebook page, is just like a shop front, if people don’t like what they see they will walk away. So making sure that your facebook page is attractive is important.


Just like a person, if you’re boring people are less likely to engage and talk to you. This is the same with your facebook page. There are some simple ways to be engaging.

Be relevant to events (eg: Christmas, Easter, New Year, Charity Events)

You don’t need a lot of likes

With the internet, everything can be measured and as a result everything can have a number attached.

Many businesses obsess about likes, however, it is important to realise, the engagement of your post. If you have 1000 likes, and not one like on a facebook update, it doesn’t look good for your business. Having a relevant customer base is important

Have fun

Make sure, you enjoy social media. One of the hardest problems, is being self motivated which can be reflected via posts. If you can, reflect this energy to your social media platforms it will work in your favour.

One tool we recommend via facebook and other platforms is preparing your updates in advance. Facebook has a tool called scheduled post that allows to post in advance which can allow you to get the task done at once, rather than having a whenever i get to it approach.


Hopefully all this has assisted in understanding better, the ways in which a social media presence can be improved. If you wish to contact us for assistance please email us .

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