Three Easy Marketing Tips For Your Business

So, your not sure where to start with your marketing? Funnily enough, thats what we’re called, so we can definitely help. At our headquarters we like to keep things simple. Here are three easy marketing tips for your business.

Be social

Don’t be afraid to talk to people about your ideas (ask people what they think about your business). Although social media is a ‘buzz-word’, you can use this to grow your online presence and drive sales (be engaging online). Do more than just post a status, share content that people actually want to look at. Don’t be lazy, be creative. Also, make sure you utilise your existing network by getting your customers to do the selling for you.


If you’re perceived to be established, then leads will turn into sales much easier. I hear this over and over again with success stories as logo and branding play a major part. Creating a logo can in fact help gain a customer’s trust in you. However it is also a sense of pride. Upon waking up every morning, you will see this logo and it will inspire you, so if it looks good, you will be happy working! This also extends to your employees and can help drive W.O.M. In this day and age, it’s so important to stand out and design is a easy place to start.

Trial & Error

One solution, does not answer all the problems. This is the same for marketing. We see and hear countless claims, that one solution can drive leads and sales. From our experience it’s a lot more involved than that. For example with SEO, you might have to allow time for content creation, as you may be receiving large amounts of traffic, but not converting. This is why we make sure that we run your campaign lean at first to get a response. Test what is working, so then you can assist with further monetary resources with the tools that are converting. Remember, every business is different.

Still Need Help?

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